Our vision
Our vision statement reads: The vision of Life Church School is to aid in the discipleship of families, through the structured Biblical training of children and youth, using the discipline of the educational process. The goal is to produce pure-hearted young people who achieve their full academic potential and possess the godly character to be self-governing, living a missional life in the Kingdom of God.
Our responsibility
While the responsibility for children’s education and discipleship lies primarily with parents, we believe that the Church can and should assist in this process. The Church alone, however, is rarely successful in areas parents are not, which is why Life Church School exists to help disciple not only children but parents as well. (see Life Church School handbook)
Fundamentally, being a disciple of Jesus means following, becoming like, and doing the will of, Jesus Himself. Although the Church cannot, by any means, take the place of Jesus, we can point the way to Him. We teachers and mentors endeavor to demonstrate, through our own discipleship, God’s wonder and transmit, through genuine relationships, His values. Through this pattern, we pray that lives will be drawn to Jesus, the ultimate disciple Maker.

The Elizabeth Krueger Memorial Scholarship Fund

Elizabeth demonstrated that the length of our days is not nearly as important as how we spend the days that we have. She only lived ten years in our midst, but she loved Jesus with all her heart and loved others as a faithful friend, making an eternal impact on countless lives. A memorial fund was established so that other children can know and experience the life and love of Jesus that Elizabeth treasured. "I have called you friends." John 15:15