Kingdom Kids

KK-Final-Logo-no-bgLike to have Fun? Like to Play games? Curious about God? Want to see what’s in the Bible?

If you are in Kindergarten through 6th grade, you are invited every Sunday to be a part of Kingdom Kids!

Parents, our children are dismissed following worship to head to our King’s
Garden area. For the safety of your children, please pick them up at the conclusion of the service from the King’s Garden area. Our purpose is to help uphold you and your family in your quest to raise a Godly generation. We may be loud, we may be a little crazy, but our desire is that your children encounter Jesus and learn that loving Him is fun. This may be done through a skit, a puppet show, Bible lessons, or song and dance. Our hope is that each child encounters Jesus in a personal and real way. Come! Stay awhile! See that we serve a Great King, and see His heart displayed for your children.



 King’s Garden: Seedlings, Sprouts, & Shoots



It takes fertile soil to grow a small seed to a mighty, healthy plant. Here
in The Kings Garden, we have provided three classes to help nurture your
little ones. Our goal is to care for your children as if they were our own,
to teach them the love of Jesus, and show them how much He cares for them.



Seedlings*- This is a class catered to tiny ones from newborn to 23 months. We have a room attached to this classroom with cribs and soft music playing for those who need to sleep. A snack is provided for children who can feed themselves.

Sprouts- This is a class catered to 2- to 3-year-olds. We have a lesson
plan, memory verse for the month, and worship. Snack is provided.

Shoots- This is a class catered to 4- to 5-year-olds. We have a lesson
plan, memory verse for the month and worship. Snack is provided.

*We also have a nursing mothers’ room for a calm place to rock and feed your

We encourage you to speak to our teachers and get to know them and their
hearts in serving the most precious thing to your heart — your children.