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Daily Filling with the Spirit
September 19, 2014
A Generous Heart — Notes from Sunday, 10/19/14
October 20, 2014

Doug serves as our senior leader for the C2C family of churches.

Doug Kreighbaum’s Blog.

Doug, along with this wife Denise, served faithfully for over 30 years as senior leaders at Covenant Harvest Church. Doug was the senior pastor and Denise teaches at Covenant Harvest School. They have four daughters; Nicole, Katie, Kelsea and Abigail.

Doug is the author of three books and travels regularly to churches throughout North America and Europe strengthening church leaders and members alike. His passion to see the body of Christ become a glorious bride is infectious. He leads with great compassion and boldness with keen Biblical insight while Denise offers wisdom and strength to women and students in the school.

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